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Apartment Leasing Job Success Story: Holly Morris

From hair-dresser to apartment-leaser, Holly Morris’ experience offers a fresh perspective on getting a job in the apartment industry.

“I wanted a job with more job security,” remarks Holly when asked why she chose to look for a position as a leasing consultant. However, holding only experience as a hair stylist, finding work with greater consistency proved a challenge. Before she began the job search for her current position, Holly remembers chatting with some of her clients who were apartment-leasing consultants. “I always thought about it,” she said of wanting to pursue the same career. And finally, after looking at various jobs in different fields, Holly found success with Hire Priority’s apartment staffing division. Holly turned in her resume, and a few days later got a call with a temp-to-hire job offer. After such a positive experience, Holly’s advice to anyone looking to break into apartment leasing is to go through a staffing company who specializes in apartment industry placements.

One of Holly’s greatest concerns was ending up in a position that didn’t fit with her people-person personality, but Holly says she was matched perfectly for her current position at an apartment community in North Austin. Getting to know her clients, learning about what they do or what grades their kids make in school-these are all parts of why Holly loves her job. Through Hire Priority Staffing, Holly found exactly what she was looking for-a job with greater security that allowed her personality to match with her environment.

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