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4 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

After holding handfuls of interviews each week, you begin to notice the glaringly obvious and frequent mistakes that candidates make during a job interview. Many times candidates never fully understand the mistakes because they are simply bad habits. Sometimes the most frequent mistakes can actually be the easiest to fix once you take notice. It could mean the difference between landing the job and having the hiring manager pass you up.

We talked to the office here at Hire Priority to build a helpful list of top 4 biggest mistakes candidates make during the interview and followed them up with tips to provide you quick and easy career advice.

Mistake #1: Arriving late or unprepared:
One of the most frequent mistakes is often the most easiest to avoid. Arriving late or unprepared, such as not bringing an updated resume, can indicate that the candidate might not be able to manage the job tasks being offered. Showing reliability is a huge aspect of being hired. Be sure to print out an updated resume, bring a notepad and writing utensils, and map your route to the interview to determine the expected amount of time to arrive (always be sure to add extra time in case you hit traffic or you get lost).

Mistake #2: The resume has errors:
It’s very easy to skim past spelling or grammar errors when you have been staring at your resume for some time. Of course, be sure to spell check, but go beyond the computer checking system. Run your resume by a few friends or family members to have an extra set of eyes. A poor resume is sometimes a deal breaker for hiring authorities.

Mistake #3: References are not solid:
Someone’s word goes a long way, both good and bad. Ensure you have solid references that will highlight your accomplishments and encourage the new hiring manager to seriously consider you for the job. A smart candidate asks for a letter of reference from their employer before they leave their job.

Mistake #4: Giving too much personal information:
Telling the hiring manager about your date that went sour the night before may not help you land the job. While it’s wonderful to be friendly, be sure you are always being professional and not sharing too much personal information. Focus on how your skills and experience can help you perform the job duties, not about how your boyfriend forgot to do the laundry, which is why your clothes aren’t clean.

Ensuring you take the appropriate steps to lessen interview mistakes can greatly increase your possibility of landing that job you’ve been dreaming of.

About Hire Priority
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James G. Lenhardt,
President, Hire Priority

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