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Interview Tips for the Apartment Industry Professional: During the Interview

You have landed the interview and you’ve arrived on time, prepared and ready to “wow” your next apartment manager or supervisor. Now what? Consider the following tips to do during the interview to help you get the job:

Arriving at the interview

  1. Fill out the job application completely. Always write out your employment history, don’t put “see resume.” Write “open” where it asks for your target salary.
  2. Arrive to the interview at least 10 minutes early. Turn your cell phone off. Learn more about what you should do before the interview in this article.
  3. Stand confidently, establish eye contact and greet interviewer by name. Smile and give a firm handshake (not a vice-grip or dead fish-grip).
  4. Acknowledge everyone you come in contact with as their opinion may factor in the decision to hire you.
  5. Go alone. If someone is giving you a ride, have them wait outside the apartment community or corporate office.

During the interview

  1. Wait for the interviewer to sit before taking a seat. Maintain good body posture throughout the interview. Don’t slouch.
  2. Reply to questions clearly and concisely and give more than a yes or no answer.
  3. Speak confidently with enthusiasm and energy about your interest in and passion for property management.
  4. Don’t chew gum. This might sound funny, but you’d be surprised the importance.
  5. Don’t discuss problems or speak negatively about present or previous employers. Speak positively.
  6. Refrain from talking about personal issues even if the interviewer brings the topic up.
  7. Maintain eye contact. Don’t look away when answering questions.
  8. Listen carefully! The interviewer is always giving you valuable information.

James G. Lenhardt, CPC, CTS, of Hire Priority Staffing & Executive Search is in his second decade of staffing and recruiting in the property management industry.

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