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3 Ways Recruiting and Disneyland Are Similar

If your family does Disneyland right you know that it takes strategy to navigate the expansive world of castles and cartoons come to life. Surprisingly, several principles for a successful trip to the park are also required for employers to hire the right candidate for a job. Next time you’re hiring, remember these tips as explained with examples form Disneyland:

1. You must have a plan.

Disneyland is overwhelming without a plan. There isn’t enough time to ride every ride, so you have to pick and choose. Part of this plan is usually arriving early in hopes of beating the lines and packing in everything you want to do.

Recruiting successfully takes a similar strategy. Do you know exactly what you want from a candidate for an apartment job? Have you prioritized the steps you need to take to find this? Without a strategy beforehand, you will reduce your chances of accomplishing everything you would like. Just like in Disneyland—those who plan ahead will prevent headache later.

2. Take a time out.

In the land of Mickey Mouse and fairytale castles, you and your kids may be hesitant to take a break. But if you don’t, then you risk getting burnt out and tired sooner. Take a break, get a snack, re-apply some sunscreen, and you will be refreshed to enjoy the park once again.

When recruiting, employers must also take a break to step back and evaluate candidates. Too often, employers rush to make a hiring decision, which compromises their judgment. An employer may feel pressure to find a new employee and settle for someone who is less than ideal. On the other hand, an employer may get over-excited about a prospect, hiring before they have the chance to consider other candidates. A time out—in Disneyland and in the office—may be just what you need to get a fresh start and some perspective.

 3. Sometimes a long line is worth the wait.

One of the most disheartening feelings in Disneyland is arriving at a highly anticipated ride and discovering that you can barely see the ride from the end of the line. Usually, if a ride has a long line then it means that it is popular. And sometimes, these rides are worth the wait. Perhaps it will end up being you and your family’s favorite event of the trip, remembered for years to come while you quickly forget the wait it took to get there.

Candidates don’t usually physically stand in lines when employers recruit, but you may have a long line of job seekers who have submitted their resumes online. For some positions, the number of apartment job applicants can be overwhelming and difficult to sort through. As with the lines in Disneyland, sometimes it’s worth waiting for the right candidate rather than settling for one to avoid the wait.


The hiring process may resemble a roller coaster sometimes, but implementing these tips will make sure you are well prepared and do not rush into any hiring decision. As with a trip to Disneyland—you don’t want to go through the recruiting process too often; you want to find candidates that are a benefit in the long-term.

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Recruiting 101: Know What You’re Looking For


Recruiting 101: Know What You’re Looking For


What are the top traits you desire in an employee? What skills must they have? If you aren’t asking questions like these before you begin the recruiting process you run the risk of hiring someone who is a poor match for your property. Know exactly what you’re looking for and find the right match in 4 steps:

1. List Specific Skills

Be as specific as you can! If there are certain skills that will be required to fill a position successfully, make these a requirement. You want to make these clear with candidates and on job postings; otherwise you could end up falling in love with a candidate only to find out they are lacking a non-negotiable skill. Being specific upfront will also save you time—weeding out unqualified applicants and targeting those who will benefit your apartment property.

 2. Find Someone Who Fits with Your Culture

Recruiting is energy consuming. If you’ve been fishing for candidates for weeks without luck you may be tempted to pick someone who is talented—but doesn’t quite fit with your property. Talent is essential; but so is cultural fit. You could hire the most talented leasing professional in Houston, but if they represent values that clash with your properties’ then they will most likely not flourish on the job.

 3. Know Where to Look

The follow up to knowing what you’re looking for is knowing WHERE to look…you can’t find the candidate who matches your criteria if you aren’t looking in the right places. It isn’t hard to find applicants in the pools of job seekers in Houston and Austin; but finding the best of the best is harder. Posting on general job boards (Craigslist, Indeed, etc.) will get an open position out to the public; but you might have more luck finding skilled applicants by asking around your professional network, on social networks, or for referrals from current employees.

 4. Don’t Settle

Pursuing ideal candidates, even when it is time consuming, will be worth the effort in the long run. The cost of a bad hire is high, draining time and money to hire someone who isn’t quite right—and then to repeat the process when it doesn’t work out with him or her.

Hiring a dream candidate is possible, but it takes planning. These steps can simplify the process, but you should still be prepared to commit the required energy to finding a new hire. If you don’t have time to see the recruiting process through, consider hiring a staffing company, who can find and send you employees that match what you are looking for.



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Hiring the Right Person for Your Property


6 Ways to Hire the Right Person for Your Property


According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. In particular, these bad hiring decisions stem from flawed hiring practices. Hiring the right person takes more than just posting a catchy job ad or skimming resumes; it is a system that must be constantly evolving and improving to match the needs if your property.

Here’s how:

1.    Know Exactly What You Are Looking For

Picture your ideal candidate—and then think about what characteristics they have. Whether you stick closely to a checklist or have more broad requirements, knowing exactly what you are looking for ahead of time will save lost time and energy down the road.

2.    Take a Close Look at Credentials

How many years has a candidate worked in the industry? Do they have any formal training? Resume’s can be polished to look professional; but don’t be fooled by someone who doesn’t have enough relevant experience.

3.    Have a Standardized Hiring Process

From the time you post a job opening to a hire’s first few weeks you should have a set process for each step of the way. This standardized set up should most likely include application procedures, interview questions, and a timeline.

4.    Use Your Team for Referrals

If you have employees on your property that are already thriving, chances are they will have a good sense of who would likewise be successful at your property. Asking around your current staff for new employee referrals could lead you to a gold mine with relatively little hassle.

5.    Continue to Train Once Hired

The hiring process doesn’t end on an employee’s first day; rather, it should continue on as a new hire is trained and integrated into your apartment property. Very few people will thrive in a new work environment without clear instruction and support.

6.    “Test Drive” Candidates – Use a Staffing Company

Someone may look great on paper—they may even act their interview—but how do you know if they will fit with your property’s culture? One way is to have candidates work a couple of days onsite to see if they are a good fit! A staffing company is a cost-efficient way to do this, as they will already have a pool of skilled candidates to match with your property.


Don’t settle during your hiring process—keep searching until you find the missing piece of your team. Hiring top talent equals making top profits, and saving the hassle of having to hire again in a few months.

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