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5 Ways a Job in Healthcare Wins the Career Lottery


5 Ways a Job in Healthcare Wins the Career Lottery

Healthcare jobs are some of the most sought-after in the nation, and for good reason. The perks of healthcare are unlike any other:


Perk #1: Job Growth

Healthcare jobs are booming at the moment–especially in Houston. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8 of the top 20 fastest growing professions are in the healthcare industry. And the industry in total has over 13 million jobs. With the U.S.’s aging population and advances in medicine, these numbers will only keep rising. Job growth, job security, and being needed at your job are all perks of a job in healthcare.


Perk #2: Make a Difference in People’s Lives

In healthcare you will be able to make a difference in people’s lives unlike with any other career path. From helping save lives to bringing new life into the world—you can make an unforgettable difference in patients’ lives daily. A healthcare job offers you the unique opportunity to help people and get paid well.


Perk #3: Flexible Hours

Because many healthcare facilities run 24 hours a day, you can work at any time. Shifts at odd hours are perfect for those who are looking to spend more time with their family or pursue further education. Lots of shifts also means that it is relatively easy to switch with a coworker if you need to.


Perk #4: Dynamic Work Environment

No two days on the job are the same. The exciting and fast-paced nature of the healthcare industry is what makes it so adaptable to TV series and movies. There’s a reason healthcare jobs work so well on-screen: there’s never a dull moment. Time can fly while you’re working (and this can’t be said of many other jobs!).


Perk #5: Outstanding Pay & Benefits 

A healthcare job may not be as lucrative as winning the actual lottery, but it does pay well. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare administration jobs offer an average salary of $85,000 per year. Most healthcare jobs offer salaries that are at least enough to live on, in addition to benefits that are above average.


There’s one more way that a job in healthcare is like winning the career lottery: there are many levels you can start at. Starting from the level of a GED and up, there are jobs that require no prior training. If you would like to get your career in healthcare started today, click here to find a job with Hire Priority in Houston.

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3 Places to Find a Medical Job


3 Places to Find a Medical Job:

Where to Look & How to Apply

medical job search

Maybe you’ve just begun your job search—or perhaps you have been looking for a while without luck; either way, knowing the right places to look will benefit your search.

While Healthcare is a booming field, its growth has slowed in recent years, leading to greater competition. In Houston, the healthcare industry is one of the city’s top employer’s, which makes medical jobs both desirable and competitive. Having a leg up on the competition is essential, and job searching in the right places is one way to do this.

 1. Traditional Job Search Engines

Perhaps the most common place to look for medical jobs is traditional online job search engines. Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed are all examples of job search engines with a many medical jobs in their databases. In addition to these you can supplement your search with industry-specific sites such as HealthECareers.

The benefits of these powerful search engines is that they allow you easy access and application to job postings. However, the ease of these sites also makes them popular and it is more difficult to stand out from the high number of people who apply. One to set yourself apart is to look for job openings on a large search engine and then pay a visit or make a follow up call to the company you want to work for.


 2. Employer’s Websites

If you’ve got your eye on a clinic or office where you know you’d like to work, your best bet is going to be to check for job openings on their official website. If you’ve scoured an employer’s website and they are not currently hiring, keep checking back or pay them a visit to drop off your resume for when a job does become available.

Additionally, recruiters are another online resource that can help you connect with your employer and position of choice. A staffing company will have access to jobs that may not be posted publically and can get your foot in the door.


 3. Social Media

A less-tradition approach to job searching, social media outlets can also serve as a platform for job searching. Employers may post job openings or tips for how to apply to work with them via their social media accounts. This means that you should also stay active and up to date on your own social media sites, so as to not lose out on a job opportunity.

Currently, LinkedIn has expanded its options for job postings, with more and more companies turning to the site for posting jobs and recruiting. You can try doing a search for a position you would like to work, or check out the page of a company you’re interested in for job openings.


The most successful job searches don’t stick to just one of these avenues; they use multiple approaches. From more traditional job search methods like applying on job board sites, to social media and networking—a multi-faceted approach is the best way to discover your dream job.

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