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How to Increase Your Maintenance Staffs Performance

It is no surprise that over the last 14 months, operations within the multifamily industry have changed. New practices have been implemented. New cleaning standards have been set. And, above all, managers have had to ask their teams to adopt next-level standards. While these changes were necessary, the pressure of keeping properties and residents safe has increased. Adding more responsibility to the essential staff who have continued to keep up day-to-day operations.

Maintenance teams are at the heart of what keeps properties alive. They also carry the heaviest weight brought on by this pandemic. They take care of the systems and aesthetics of your property. They tend to the leaks, the breaks, the wear, and the tears. And, most importantly, they ultimately keep residents happy with their living conditions. 

Maintenance work is not for the weak. One of the greatest of these challenges lies in boosting productivity and performance. How do we increase performance when this issue has been alive and well since long before the pandemic? The answers may not be as complicated as they seem.

Streamlining Procedures

CRM technology is an excellent solution for streamlining your operations, offering endless benefits. Just imagine being able to customize workflows, easily managing your team and their day-to-day tasks. And the best part? This can be done through a contactless approach. From a maintenance standpoint, tracking work orders has never been easier. 

Additionally, reworking your mobile communications will save time and vastly increase efficiency. Having access to scheduled tasks will help your maintenance team stay on track.  They will also have the ability to easily enter notes and submit further requests as needed. Preventative maintenance reminders can also be added, cutting down on both costs and emergency calls. 

Offer Schedule Flexibility

The work environment is one difficulty essential workers have experienced during the pandemic. As others have moved into more flexible and even remote positions, the maintenance staff has not had the same benefit. Studies have shown positive changes in employee morale as the work-life balance has shifted. While remote work isn’t an option for some, flexible benefits can be experienced by all employees.

As mentioned earlier, utilizing new technology-adapted procedures can help tremendously. Giving your maintenance staff a clearer picture of what their day looks like goes a long way. Experienced staff already know how long a given task should take them. Because of this, allowing them the flexibility to schedule their day can make a world of difference. Some employees may prefer starting earlier in the day, focusing on HVAC preventive maintenance. Others may prefer taking a later shift to help cover resident requests. The key is to communicate their needs while balancing what tasks need attention.

Active Listening

No one knows what improvements can be made better than those who are doing the work. Keep an open-door policy to any suggestions or ideas your employees have to offer. Listen to their concerns. Talk about what may not be working and why. Include your maintenance in the decision-making process. Having a voice and the ability to take part in future changes and improvements will open the door to higher performance going forward.

Positive Reinforcement

Mental health has been a hot topic as the world has turned upside down. In this new world, negativity and fear are seen on every corner. You can counteract this by being sure to offer positive feedback for what your team is doing right. Consider offering a reward system for individuals with the highest resident satisfaction. You could even involve the whole team, offering rewards when work orders do not fall behind. Get creative, and do your best to create the most uplifting environment possible. After all, these are the men and women who have the most impact on your communities. 


Your maintenance staff is one of the most important components of your multifamily community. Taking the time to evaluate performance and productivity will have a lasting effect on your business. Clear communications and procedures will be essential for moving forward into these new times and will ultimately increase performance.

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