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How To Show Love To Your Leasing Staff on Valentine’s Day

The “holiday of love” is right around the corner and it’s a great time to let your leasing staff know you appreciate all the hard work they put into your Multifamily Housing property and its residents.

Most times Valentine’s Day can be pushed aside in the professional world, however it is the first universal opportunity in 2021 that you can set a tone of gratitude in the leasing office that can last the remainder of the year. Not to mention you can raise the spirits of some of your staff members that might not have anyone to share this dividing holiday with which will raise the morale in the office as the weekend approaches.

Below are 5 great ways to show your leasing staff they are loved this coming Valentine’s Day!

1. Free Pass

Everyone loves a day off! Give your leasing staff Valentine’s day cards with a free pass written on them which will allow them to take one paid day off outside of their normal paid time off. You can even dub it a “love yourself” day and encourage them to use the unexpected time off to treat themselves and show self love. Not only will this be a sweet surprise, it may also promote productivity by allowing the staff members to get some much needed personal time. 

Of course stipulations that apply to normal PTO procedures should apply to this extra “free pass”.

2. A Fun Workplace Theme Day

Have a fun workday theme and contest, such as “Colorful Sock Day” where no one wears shoes that day at work. This works best when the property manager wears outrageous socks and prominently walks around displaying Mickey Mouse toes.

Winner of the “Colorful Sock Day” gets awarded with, of course, socks. Residents, by the way, will think this is hilarious. 

3. An Appreciation Wall

Install a white board in a common area called the Gratitude Board or the Wall of Thanks. Encourage employees to write short “love” notes to thank each other on the board. Take a picture of the board on Friday and print the picture, then give the copies to the leasing staff in cute picture frames they can keep on their desks. The maintenance staff can also be included in this!

4. Valentine’s Day Raffle

Give everyone in the workspace 10 raffle-style tickets. Ask people to write people’s names leading up to Valentine’s Day to vote for the person who has done kind things in the previous year. Declare that person the “Sweetest” on Valentine’s Day. Award with a giant heart shaped box of candy that the whole group shares. This could become a yearly tradition that motivates kindness throughout the year!


5. Hand-Written Notes

Say thank you. Sincerely, honestly, and for a specific action or behavior. Better, say thank you with a handwritten card. Even better, enclose a $5 or $10 gift card. A handwritten “Valentine” from the property manager to their leasing staff members can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

No matter what you do, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day this year!

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