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How To Keep Politics Out Of Your Multifamily Community

How the Texas State and City Governments are Helping Renters and Landlords

With the start of a new year many people are seeking a “reset” button on the intense issues the previous year held. While 2020 was chock full of intense issues, politics were of exceptional concern.

The attack on the Capital in early January proved that politic-related emotions are at an all time breaking point. Where once a heated argument over political parties sufficed, now citizens are taking a more physical approach to make clear where they stand on the party lines.

One of the major concerns of a property manager is keeping their residents living in harmony within their multifamily housing community. Keeping the resident’s political views at a respectful level is more important now than ever to avoid conflict on property grounds.

Below are some ideas to keep politics out of your multifamily community.

1. Keep Political Messages off the Community Boards and Public Spaces

Make it a policy that any flyers, stickers, or posters in political nature are not allowed on the community message board or in the shared spaces such as the laundry room or club house.

2. No Posting Anything Political on The Property’s Social Media

Be sure your staff knows that nothing in political nature should be posted on the property’s Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms pages. This includes any images of the property that may contain a resident’s political sign which may be on display in a window or balcony.

3. Designate a Political Sign Area on the Property

While you can’t control what your resident’s display in their own private spaces, you can try to encourage them to instead post any political signs in a designated area on the property. Do this by sending a message to the residents that since political emotions are at an all time high, out of respect for your neighbors there is now an area on the property where you can all show your support for your political causes instead of displaying them in your windows or outside spaces.

Having them all in one neutral place takes away the identity of the people that want to share their political leanings. Be sure to not put the designated area in a high traffic place such as the dog park or near the front office.

4. No Political Discussions Between Employees Where Residents Can Hear

Ask your office staff to be sure to take political discussions to private spaces and not have conversations that are controversial in front of any residents, or potential residents.

Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of America and asking residents and staff to keep their political opinions to themselves can be tricky. Be sure to deliver any of these initiatives with a high degree of respect and sensitivity. Always present them as “options” even if they are really rules in nature.

Here’s to a peaceful 2021!

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