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Keeping Your Apartment Property’s Work and Resident Culture Positive During Tumultuous 2020

We all deserve a big pat on the back because we have almost made it through one of history’s most tumultuous years! 

However, many businesses sadly did not make it and the ones that did have been forever changed. So if you find yourself struggling to keep morale boosted in your work environment, you are not alone!

Luckily, the Apartment Industry has not only survived but THRIVED! Now it is more important than ever to make sure your property’s work and resident culture stay optimistic and nurtured as we move into the future.

Here are 5 ways to keep your Apartment Property’s work and resident culture positive as we close out 2020.

1. Talk about The Future

Much of this year was spent in survival mode as we made big changes to our communities because of the need for social distance. While things are far from being back to normal, many of us have adjusted to new procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19. What we are all suffering from now is the fatigue of these new practices and can all benefit from a little distraction. With the new year only two short months away, it is the perfect time to start focusing on what is ahead.

This can include new incentive programs for your leasing agents and maintenance crew or training programs that will be offered along with any team events you may have planned. 

For your residents, you can talk about any virtual programs for building community you will implement in 2021. It’s best to consider social distancing as a part of your normal way of getting your residents together because 2021 may be similar to the current year in terms of safety precautions.

2. Address Problem Areas

In preparation for a successful new year it is important to deal with any problem areas that your property may be struggling with currently. These problem areas could be a result of COVID-19 or they could be normal, every day issues your apartment community is facing. Nip these things in the bud now so you can have your staff and residents start the new year off from an empowered and positive place.

3. Allow For Grace

No matter what your goals and struggles are with your residents and your team, the biggest thing to keep in mind is everyone has had a really hard year. One of the simplest things you can do to keep your work and resident culture positive is to give them all grace when they are feeling stressed and helpless. This can include being more lenient on common infractions such as being late to work or being late with a rent payment for the remainder of this year.

4. Keep Your Residents in the Know With Zoom Gatherings

Social distancing has completely dismantled most apartment community events and because of this many renters feel disconnected from their property’s attempts to forge a sense of community among their residents. Regular Zoom meetings for residents to give them updates and a place to ask questions are very beneficial for a property’s culture. You can encourage attendance by offering prize giveaways which winners can be picked at random from the Zoom attendees.

5. Pay Special Attention to Social Media and Trends

Lastly, be sure to keep your property’s social media accounts active with resident information and property initiatives. An active social media account will be very helpful to your leasing agents as they are selling virtually to potential renters. Making their job easier and more effective will help to increase a general feeling of job satisfaction and keep the property’s culture positive.

It’s times like these that can make or break a property’s living and work culture. You can either start 2021 with positivity and optimism or you can start the new year with bitterness and fatigue, it’s up to you!

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