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Three Ways Technology Improvements Are Changing the Game in Multifamily Staffing

As 2019 continues on, the technology rolls out keep happening leaving no industry untouched. When it comes to Multifamily staffing, the biggest impacts are being made by three rapidly advancing sectors: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, and Social Media Marketing.

Finding top talent for open apartment industry jobs means being able to scan thousands of applications for relevant skills and then connect with a candidate to see if they are going to be a personality fit for the potential employer. While many saw AI and algorithms as a threat, it is now becoming clear that they are the staffing specialists secret weapon.

Below we examine three ways that these technologies are changing the game in Multifamily Staffing.

1. Conversation systems are becoming more efficient

Texting systems and chatbots are highly effective ways of engaging with candidates, hiring managers and field employees. Next generation conversational systems are evolving rapidly, yet, many staffing firms are not using conversational systems or are not taking full advantage of the wide-ranging capabilities that conversational systems have to offer.

Imagine a chatbot that can interview a hiring manager on exactly what they are looking for in a candidate and then take those qualities and pre-screen potential hires…all before a staffing agent even gets involved? That is just the beginning of the possibilities that are available to the tech-savvy staffing agency.

2.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating diverse workplaces

An unexpected consequence of AI in the multifamily staffing industry is that workplaces are becoming more diverse through unbiased interviewing processes. Allowing AI to scan resumes and social media profiles for qualified candidates is producing a list of people a staffing agent can speak to that is purely based on their qualifications and not factors such as names, photos, or writing style. Unconscious bias can still affect final outcomes of the hire, however as AI becomes more capable of handling the interviewing process, unconscious bias will become less common and that will result in a workplace that employs truly qualified people.

3. Hiring funnels are keeping qualified candidates pouring in

Social media ad campaigns are driving sales for many different industries and now multifamily staffing agencies can take part in using the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram to find a seemingly endless supply of qualified candidates and potential new clients. These algorithms can track any combination of individual and industry trend data, including people who post articles about their industry and stay involved in the online conversation. A common sales funnel, such as the one below, can continuously take potential candidates through the different levels as a result from different ad campaigns targeting each color below:

(Photo: TalentLyft)

In addition to the ads driving each level, they can be set up as messenger ads that, when clicked, will activate a chatbot that will further qualify and engage a candidate based on the current open jobs that need to be filled.

This strategy can also be used to acquire new clients by changing the targeting and chatbot questions.

Technology will not stop evolving at a rapid pace and it is in the multifamily staffing industry’s best interests to utilize every innovation that results in qualified candidates being matched with amazing properties. These, like many other technologies, will keep the flow of great talent coming through smart agencies that then match them with their clients. Something everyone can be happy about!

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