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The Top 10 Skills All Successful Multifamily Housing Groundskeepers Must Have

Groundskeepers are an essential part of a multifamily housing community and finding a good one to hire is a very important task. An individual that is both physically and professionally in shape can be difficult to find, however by looking for the below traits you will be able to hire the best man or woman for the job!

1.Love of the Outdoors

The majority of the work day will be spent in the great outdoors so it is essential that a successful groundskeeper love being outside!

2. In Good Physical Shape

It has jokingly been said that a groundskeeper at an apartment community can cancel their gym membership because of how physically demanding their jobs are. Whether it’s hauling away debris from tree trimming, trash removal, or make-ready cleaning, they can expect to be constantly moving throughout the work day.

3. Sociable

Because the groundskeeper is out in the community everyday, they will undoubtedly run into residents on an hourly basis. While it isn’t necessary for a groundskeeper to stop and hold conversations with those they encounter, a friendly wave and a smile will go a long way to creating a sense of community with those they meet.

4. Accountable

A groundskeeper must complete the tasks that are needed to be done in a timely fashion or a property’s maintenance can get quickly out of control.

5. Problem-Solver

Not every issue that a groundskeeper will run into will be in the employee manual. A successful groundskeeper must be able to think quickly when they encounter something that needs their attention. It could be anything from a stray dog to a burst water pipe and most likely the groundskeeper will be the first to come across it in their daily rounds.

6. Integrity

Being honest and having strong moral principles are important traits in a groundskeeper as they are in close contact to residents and their private spaces on a daily basis.

There you have it! If you can check off these 10 traits during your next interview with a groundskeeper you are sure to end up with an extremely valuable and successful addition to your multifamily team!

7. Self-Managed

A groundskeeper will spend the majority of their day without supervision from management therefore a successful individual has the ability to keep themselves on track and to make decisions without consulting a contractor or manager.

8. Creative Mind

At some properties landscaping is a big part of the groundskeeper job and on occasion they get to make creative choices for keeping the property beautiful and appealing.

9. Desire for Promotion

The position of groundskeeper is a great entry to an exciting career path. The individual will gain a lot of valuable professional skills that they can use to build their career. Many employees that started as groundskeepers now work as maintenance techs, make ready and maintenance supervisors.

10. Handyman Skill Set

Along with the ability to solve problems mentally, needs to be the possession of the skill set to execute the solutions. Experience as a handyman is a great indication of a successful groundskeeper, especially someone that has experience with electrical issues.

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