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3 Reasons Why Involvement in Your Local Apartment Association will Lead to Your Next Promotion

3 Reasons Why Involvement in Your local Apartment Association will Lead to Your Next Promotion

We have all been guilty of putting off getting involved with a professional organization because of lack of time and energy. However, you may be missing out on much more than a well-organized casino night with your industry peers. In the multi-family housing industry, apartment associations are a must-stop for career advancement. Below we have listed out 3 Reasons Why Involvement in Your local Apartment Association will Lead to Your Next Promotion!

1. Education

One of the cornerstone initiatives of professional associations are to educate their members on what the latest techniques and industry trends are. Your local apartment association holds valuable classroom-type and online educational courses on many of the subjects your employer cares about. Not only will you learn how to be the best you can be in your personal job, but you can be the employee that comes back to your office and shares valuable (and impressive) information with your fellow team members. Your employer is sure to notice your efforts and will put you at the top of the list for a future career advancement opportunity.

2. Networking Gold

It is very easy to get stuck in a career fishbowl by not socializing with other professionals in your chosen industry. Your local apartment association, in addition to educational courses, hosts social events that serve the purpose of allowing its members to meet and network with each other. In the case that you work at a company that does not offer opportunity for the growth you desire, these professional social events might just put you in front of a future employer that can offer the growth you are looking for.

Aside from introducing you to outside employers, these social activities can also help bring you and your current boss closer together. Often times the office environment is too busy and routine for you to really differentiate yourself from your co-workers, especially when a promotion is on the table. By giving yourself the opportunity to shine in front of your boss at an industry social event, you could reap the benefits back at the office in the form of career advancement.

3. Shows Your Career Ambition

Nothing shows your employer where your professional head is more than getting involved in your industry outside working hours. Being active in your local and national apartment association will tell others around you that you are an ambitious industry leader and you care deeply about your career path. These are the exact qualities that bosses look for when considering a promotion. Put yourself ahead of the pack and get involved with your local apartment association today!

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