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Top 3 Skills To Identify a Potential Bookkeeper on Your Leasing Staff

Working in the role of “Bookkeeper” for a multifamily property is a unique and sometimes complicated job. The basic accounting skills are of course necessary, however interaction with other people is at an all time high in terms of the accounting world.

The best property management bookkeepers come from a customer service background which could include being a part of a leasing team.

Since the bookkeeper of a multifamily property has to deal with residents over rent, back payments, and security deposit issues, it makes sense to promote someone in-house that is already well-versed in interacting with the residents. Below we have pointed out the top 3 skills to look for in your leasing consultant when considering them for a bookkeeping position.

1. Detailed Orientated

Any bookkeeping job will require handling and making sense of a large amount of data. Being able to sort through and keep up with the financial dealings of your property is an essential requirement of acting as bookkeeper. The margin of error for letting a detail slip through the cracks is extremely small to be able to run a profitable multi family community. Look for someone that borders on the line of obsessive when it comes to having things “just right”. Even a well-organized desk and consistent daily habits can be telling.

2. Communication Skills

Often it falls on the property bookkeeper to deliver bad news to the manager when something isn’t going right financially. An example could be “we have outstanding rent balances” or “a resident’s check has been misplaced”. Your bookkeeper needs to be able to be assertive in communicating what is happening in the property’s books to maintain order and consistency.

3. Software Savvy

The property accounting software is not the only technology that bookkeepers need to use, they also need to be comfortable working with data in spreadsheets and quickly maneuver within software programs. Consider looking for the leasing consultant that is completely at ease in front of their computer and currently used leasing software. You can possibly consider someone that is active on social media and takes part in the property’s social media activities. This is because social media requires a certain proficiency in using technology.

There you have it! Finding an awesome bookkeeper for your property is extremely important to the success of the whole community. Choose your person wisely!

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