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A Love Letter to Hire Priority! <3


“I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for finding me this wonderful opportunity. To say that I love it doesn’t quite fit the bill. To say that this position is the perfect fit doesn’t exactly describe this opportunity either. I came to you, presenting a shoddy resume, with years of experience but no certifications. My resume lacked focus and clarity, and the first telephone call I had with you I had a bit of an attitude because you laughed at my resume. You coached me on what my resume needed to include and spent a week or more helping me finesse the details. Then you landed me an interview!

Once again, thank you! With this employment opportunity you were able to pair me with I have been able to grow on a professional level I couldn’t be have even hoped for in the beginning. Thank you for working with me from the start by grooming me with your extensive expertise so that I would even be considered for this roll. I will not forget your help and guidance that you provided me with.

I hope you are well.”


McKenzie (Houston, Texas)

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