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How To Turn Your Staff Into a Team!

How To Turn Your Staff Into a Team! Now Hiring Management Advice

Identifying and maintaining a company culture is becoming a modern-day necessity for managers to be concerned with. Having an office that feels like a team can mean the difference between employees wanting to show up to work every day or wanting to shut down mentally when they clock in.

Below we explore ways you can ensure your employees feel like they are more a part of a team instead of just another member of the staff.

Collaborate on Core Values and Goals

Does your company have a mission statement? Most do, however a paragraph that was written years ago by someone your employees don’t know isn’t going to rally them around your flag. The best way to establish goals and core values is to collaborate with your team and come up with points you all feel strongly about. A great way to do this is to check in with them late in the fourth quarter by asking them how they feel the year as gone and what goals were being achieved. Ask them if the current set of core values are serving them and the company correctly. Listen to their feedback and adjust accordingly so you can start the new year off fresh with renewed enthusiasm.

Start a Company Charity Initiative

Getting your office involved in a charity can be beneficial beyond the obvious community outreach it offers. Employees want to be involved in a cause that makes them feel like their efforts are going to something bigger than themselves and the company’s bottom line. To turn a charitable effort into a team building exercise, get your employees involved in the project from square one. Have them make suggestions for a favorite charity and research how your office can contribute. Organize a round of presentations and then hold a vote on which charity to get involved in. Lastly, give each department or staff member a specific job so they are required to “team up” to get the good work done.

Compete Against Other Offices

What do teams do best? Compete against other teams of course! If your company has multiple branches you can get some friendly rivalry going on with a competition. Perhaps it’s sales goals or maybe even a trivia bowl! Nothing brings people together like a desire to win.

Concentrating on turning your staff into a team of motivated individuals will ensure success year after year. Happy team-building!!

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