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5 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Apartment Industry

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Choosing the right industry to develop yourself professionally can be daunting. You want pick a path that will be secure in the long run and not leave you stuck in a position you don’t like. When considering industries, multi-family housing is very attractive to a big sector of job seekers.

Below are five reasons that might confirm you should pursue a career in the apartment industry.

1. You Are a “People Person”

Many individuals that come from the service industry make great leasing professionals in the apartment industry. Your job as a leasing agent consists of serving and making connections with potential and current residents while representing your property to its’ fullest. You will get to meet people from all walks of life that come in looking for the next place they will call home.

2. You Are Great at Multi-tasking

The average apartment community employs about six people: a manager, assistant manager, leasing consultants and maintenance technicians. This means you will have great job stability because you will not be easily replaceable once you settle into your new property’s culture. It also means that you will have to take on numerous tasks that could range from marketing to resident problem resolution. Staying flexible in the apartment industry is a sure-fire way to success and promotion. The ability to multi-task is a must.

3. You Want Mobility

There are not too many careers out there that can make the promise of having a job waiting for you wherever you may want to go. The skills you learn at a property are transferable to all properties throughout the country. You can feasibly live in a different city every year working as a leasing agent if you chose to. Of course your employers would prefer you stay with their property, which would result in promotion and salary increases. The average starting salary for a leasing agent is $26,000 a year, however with tenure you can make as much as $47,000. These positions also include benefits such as rent discounts and healthcare.

4. You Want Career Stability

The apartment industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, 2015 saw substantial growth in the multi-family housing industry as more and more people look for affordable housing options. 2016 is primed to be another year of forward movement as lobbyists have approached congress to enact policies that promote the industry’s ability to provide housing and jobs.

5. You Want to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

A person’s home is at the center of their lives. Residents must feel that they and their loved ones are safe and taken care of. The home they provide for themselves is what they work the hardest for (the average rent/mortgage is 25% of a person’s gross income).

As an employee at their apartment community, you have the biggest influence on the quality of their lives. You can handle maintenance issues quickly that would otherwise ruin their day or their loved ones day. You can make sure the property’s security is intact so the residents and their children are safe. You can partner with local businesses to promote a sense of community in the city your property is in. You can even help your residents be more green, which will have a significant impact on the environment. The opportunities are endless, however simply doing your job well will have a big impact on another person’s life.

The apartment industry is ripe for the picking. You will find job openings on our Facebook page daily for Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and other areas throughout Texas. If you are trying to decide what to dedicate your professional efforts towards, a career in the apartment industry may be your answer!

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