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How to Train Your Leasing Agents to Sell Over the Phone in Three Easy Steps

Phone skills in your leasing agents may be something you take for granted. A pleasant demeanor and politeness are great for making a caller feel comfortable, however phone calls are 3 times more likely to convert than any other type of lead. Are your agents adequately trained and ready to handle business over the phone?

Don’t let these leads get away, prepare your agents with this quick and straight-forward training. In three easy steps, they can be ready to turn a caller into a future resident.

The first step is to create the right call environment. A leasing office can be a busy place. From current residents walking in with questions, to prospects stopping by to tour the property. When someone calls the office, they don’t want to feel like they are interrupting. Make sure that phone calls are always taken in a quiet and reserved environment. A caller can be put on a brief hold while the agent goes behind a closed door so they can focus on the caller. A pen and paper should be in this space so important details can be written down about the call. Any other materials that will ensure the agent is well-informed and ready to quickly and confidently answer questions should also be readily available.

The second step is to have a checklist that is followed for each sales call. It is easy to forget the small stuff when engaging with a prospect on the phone. Many times, even getting the caller’s name is overlooked. Before launching into the conversation, have your leasing agent pause and let the caller know that they want to make sure they have all the relevant information in case they should get disconnected. The caller will then know that they are being asked for their benefit and they will appreciate the professionalism.

The third step is the most crucial one, build a connection with the caller. Once all the basic information has been collected, it is time for the agent to listen to what the prospect has to say about their needs. This is not the time to launch into a pre-scripted sales pitch about property details, sign-on specials, and lease terms. The key here is to listen and determine what the caller would find most attractive about your property, then explain that detail to them first. After the caller has finished talking about the specifics of what they are searching for, the agent can ask if they would like to hear other details that the property prides itself on. This would be the ideal time to invite the caller into the office to take a tour of the property. Don’t let prospects that call in to your leasing office slip through the cracks. Take these three easy steps and make sure your agents are prepared to represent your property beautifully over the phone.

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