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Time to Go New-School on Your Job Search!


In a world full of change, it comes as no surprise that the world of job search is changing too. Having the right resume and approach are just as important as having the right skills. Let’s take a look at a few of the important changes the job search world has seen in the past few years.

1. Short Summaries of your job descriptions are a must! As a leasing professional, you likely did the same things at many of your leasing jobs. Property managers know the job description of a leasing consultant. Do not put your daily tasks on your resume. Highlight accomplishments, “Won Leasing Professional of the Year with ABC company in 2014,” or “Raised occupancy from 82% to 96% in two months.” The average property manager or recruiter spends 30 seconds or less reviewing a resumes. Make sure yours stands out!

2. Keep it Current. Make sure your resume is up-to-date. Even when you aren’t thinking of changing apartment jobs, you should be periodically updating your resume. Always be tracking and documenting your apartment industry accomplishments, awards and news.

3. Technology is Here to Stay! When you are updating your leasing resume, don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile. You should be logging on weekly to update your profile, add new connections and post relevant content. Being known in the apartment industry is invaluable to growing your leasing career.

4. Don’t Go Old-School! Back in the day, typing 60 wpm was a skill. An impress skill even. Today, typing isn’t a skill, it’s a necessity. Adding this to your resume is like adding “English” under the “Language” section of your resumes. It’s a given.

5. Social Proof is Imperative. Getting testimonials, endorsements and recommendations of your leasing and management abilities that appear on social networks is crucial. The best way to get LinkedIn recommendations is to give LinkedIn recommendations. First, do your research on, “How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation.” Then start recommending your friends and colleagues.

6. Relationships Still Trump Resumes. Before you start worrying about fixing up your leasing resume, it’d be nice to have someone to show it off to. Unfortunately, you can’t do everything in your pj’s, from behind your computer screen. Focus on where you can meet key people in the apartment industry. “Why don’t you send me your resume?” is often an afterthought, following an engaging conversation. Look into attending apartment industry events like, the Austin Apartment Assoc., San Antonio Assoc., Houston Apartment Assoc., Texas Apartment Assoc. and the National Apartment Assoc.

7. Most Employers Only Care About Their Needs. What value can you bring to the management company/ property? Do your research on a company and property before you interview. Be thinking about how you can help the manager/ property and how soon they can expect to see results. Being able to solve a manager’s present problem is a sure- fire way to get to the top of their hiring list.

Now that you are caught up on current job search trends for the apartment industry, go out there and snag the leasing job of your dreams. If you are still having trouble finding the perfect fit, feel free to register with Hire Priority, and leave it to the experts! Apply today!

Loa McManus, CTS

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