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Networking to Get Hired

5 Ways to Network to Get Your Next Job

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Networking can take many shapes and forms—from talking to friends about your job search to sitting down for coffee with an expert in your field. Sometimes the less-traditional forms of networking are the ones that pay off in a competitive market. Supplement your job search process with skillful networking in these 5 ways to get hired:

 1. Prepare

Part of networking comes spontaneously—these are the interactions when you bump into someone at the grocery store or talk to your family about your job search. A lead to a job could come from these interactions, but more than likely you will need more preparation to network your way into an apartment job. Successful networking requires a game plan, consisting of your goals, people you want to network with, and how you plan on doing so.

 2. Make Connections

Networking events or joining apartment industry professional organizations in Houston or Austin are one way to make a connection that could lead to a job. Another way to network is to reach out to people you admire in your field, asking them to share industry insights over coffee with you. When reaching out to industry seniors the best tactic is not to start with ‘will you hire me?’ but ‘will you share your knowledge with me?’ Additionally, you should not always seek to gain from networking, but also give back to connections whenever possible.

 3. Follow Up

Anytime anyone helps you in the job search process you should follow up with a personalized thank you. Following up is a mark of professionalism and will also make those who helped you feel appreciated.

 4. Use Social Media

Social media is increasingly becoming a key component to networking. Whether you are engaging people or properties you would like to work for or asking a simple ‘do you know anyone who’s hiring’ to your network; social media can be a powerful job search tool. The other component to social networking is making sure your profiles are up to date and professional—employers will be looking!

 5. Be Consistent  

A job interview may not come after one networking event or interview. One of the most important parts to networking for an apartment job is to network consistently and constantly. Networking is all about building relationships, which doesn’t happen over night.


If you are just starting out your job search or have been searching without luck, do not fear—you already have a network in place that you can use to advance your career. Using your network for success will take preparation and evaluation, and these 5 steps are one way to accomplish this.

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