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Writing a Resume for Leasing

How to Write a Resume to Land a Leasing Job 


With the competition for apartment jobs so high in Austin, perfecting your resume is crucial. As properties and recruiters sift through a large volume of apartment job resumes, yours has to catch their eye at first glance. Whether you do or do not have direct leasing experience, here’s how to craft your resume to land a leasing position:


If you do have leasing experience:

Any amount of leasing experience will set you apart from the pack of applicants. As general rule of resume writing, you should list your most relevant and recent work first. No matter how small your leasing experience it should appear on your resume. Below any leasing jobs you have held you should detail what you did during that position. Your resume’s reader will be scanning for the most pertinent information, so make sure to keep your words relevant and concise. The clearer you can communicate your qualifications for the job, the higher your chances of getting hired.

Because Austin apartment jobs are in such high demand, a leasing resume must go the extra mile in order to stand out. Beyond listing your experience, the resume itself should be well organized and appealing to the eye. Additionally, the current job market requires an open mind, perhaps seeking opportunities at properties you haven’t considered before. A recruiting agency can also help in the job application process, making sure that your resume is looked at and an interview is set up.


If you do not have leasing experience:

If you are seeking leasing jobs but have no direct experience, do not fear! There are still opportunities to land Austin apartment jobs if you’ve got the right resume.

First, your resume should highlight any and all transferrable skills. Sales, customer service, and any other position that was in a dynamic, fast-pasted or customer-oriented environment are favorable. Success at previous positions that require skills similar to those in leasing will be a good indicator to your resume’s reader that you will excel in the apartment industry.

Austin apartment jobs are competitive however; and transferrable skills are rarely enough to get a job on a property. Another step you can take—and then include on your resume—is to undergo leasing training. For example, at Hire Priority we offer a Leasing 101 course that equips you with all leasing information an employer would want you to know.


No matter if you are a seasoned leasing professional or looking to break into the industry, these tips will take your resume from the bottom of the pile to the top.

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