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Making a Good First Impression

First Day on the Job: Making a Good First Impression

The first day on the job can be pressure-filled and daunting. Especially if you are temping or looking for a temp-to-hire apartment job, making a first impression is crucial. But don’t let nerves get the best of you—making sure you follow these steps will leave your employer with the right kind of impression.

1. Shake hands

Shaking hands not only demonstrates that you are well mannered, but also exerts confidence. If you are unsure how to greet someone for the first time, you can’t go wrong with a handshake.

2. Make eye contact

On your first day you will continuously be meeting coworkers and having them teach you new information. Maintaining eye contact throughout this process communicates that you are paying attention, which is crucial.

3. Have a positive attitude

Apartment jobs can be busy, and put you in contact with residents who are upset. No matter what situations come your way, have a positive attitude and those around you will take notice in the best possible way.

4. Be courteous

Manners go a long way in the office space, and even saying a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ will leave coworkers with a good impression.

5. Dress professionally

Your goal for the first day on the job should be to dress to fit in with the property you are working for, plus a little extra formality. Dressing too formal rather than too causal is always preferable and shows that you are committed to excelling at your job.

6. Remember names

Even though you may meet more people than you can keep track of, try to remember as many names as you can. People love to hear their own names, and remembering them is a quick way to make a good impression.

7. Ask questions

Chances are you will have numerous questions your first day—and this is okay. Asking questions demonstrates that you want to do well; however, be careful not to ask so many that you are distracting your coworkers or boss.

8. Don’t be late

Be on time! Do whatever it takes to be on time your first day, and aim to get there early. There is no quicker way to make a bad, unprofessional impression.


A good first day on the job can set you up for success straight away. Doing these few things to maintain a professional air can go a long way to making a good first impression and cutting down on the pressure that comes with starting a new job.

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