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Some ways to make work more fun!

Tired of the same old boring work day at the office? We have some great ideas for spicing up your office and helping your teams enjoy their work.

One great idea for your residents and staff to enjoy is to have a “decorate your workspace” contest. This is great because it will allow your staff to show their personalities and maybe some of their hobbies that they can use to get to know and interact with your residents.

Another fun idea is to change up your email signature from time to time. Use different and fun fonts to get people to notice and add some funny quotes just below your contact information. For example:

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” ~ Steve Martin or “People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.” ~ Isaac Asimov

It’s important to remember to change them, and will also encourage  your teams to read your emails all the way through.

You can also have dress up theme days. Like crazy sock day or silly hats. What seems to be very popular right now are mustache days! You can find printable mustaches online and simply cut them out and use some take to attach them. With a huge variety of “styles” available, everyone can be different and really take on a whole new personality with their new facial hair! Are you a handle bar type or maybe you like a full goatee!

You can also create silly awards for your employees. Like “The Bermuda Triangle Award – for the desk where objects go never to be seen again” or “The Doodle Pad Award”. You can print off cute little award certificates and customize them for your silly awards.

Do you have a meeting coming up? Are you going to be brainstorming with your team? Or do you sometimes have a hard time getting the group to contribute to the conversations? If that’s the case, you can bring in treats to meetings and toss them out to employees who contribute to the conversation! This is a great way to get everyone involved!

Make sure you let your teams know that it’s ok to bring their personalities to work and enjoy yourselves sometimes. Always make sure it is appropriate and set the standard for fun at the leasing office!

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