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My Story: Rogelio Marquez

My Story: Rogelio Marquez

Rogelio was just finishing up his high school education when he decided to look for a career in order to help support his family. Rogelio searched for a job using several forms of media and stumbled across a Hire Priority ad on Craigslist and decided to apply.  He had some experience working outdoors and he enjoyed working and fixing things. Rogelio knew he would be an asset to anyone who would give him a chance so he applied with Hire Priority hoping they could help him in his search.

Rogelio started out as part time, which was a little discouraging because he was not able to work every day like he had hoped. However, he was quickly placed in a full time position which provides him with the opportunity to better take care of his family. Rogelio is now working full time at Douglas Landing Apartments as a Lead Maintenance.

Throughout his time working and job hunting Rogelio says Hire Priority was a great company and helped him to find a full time job in something that he loves. Although only working part time was a low point for him, with dedication and hard work, he has secured a full time position. Rogelio loves going to work because it allows him to utilize his skills and provide for his family while helping others in the apartment community.


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