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Interview Tips for the Apartment Industry Professional:

Before the Interview, by James Lenhardt

While some people have an innate talent for landing the perfect job, the art of the interview is a skill that can be learned. Remembering a few key points will help you find success in your endeavors to advance your career. Consider the following tips to do before the interview as you prepare to search for your next job:

1 – Organize the night before. Lay your clothing out and prepare your portfolio with resume and reference letters before you go to bed so you won’t have to worry about it in the morning.
2 – Confirm the location, time and date of the interview. Drive by the location the night before the interview if you are not certain of your route or how long it will take you to get there.
3 – Research the company and find out as much information as you can. Use the Internet to search the company Web site for general product and service information. Search for information about the company in the online archives of your local newspapers and news media.
4 – Find out what you can about the interviewer, including full name, designations, title and the correct pronunciation of the individual’s name.
5 – Be prepared to ask a few questions of the interviewer. Ask questions that show you’ve done your homework on the company and the position. Don’t ask questions about compensation or benefits. What follows are a few recommended questions:
“What are your expectations of me in this position?”
“When I come on board, what are two or three things you would have me address right away?”
“Where do you see the company in the next three to five years?”
6 – Present yourself appropriately. Office employees should wear a black or navy suit, and maintenance employees may dress more casually but professionally. Clothes should be pressed, hair neatly styled, nails trimmed and jewelry worn conservatively. Also, fragrances must be used lightly or not at all.
It’s suggested that men wear a white shirt with conservative tie. It is appropriate for women to wear a light-colored blouse with closed-toe dress shoes that match your suit.
7 – Practice answering interview questions. Role-play with a friend to simulate the interview experience.
8 – Be able to describe clearly at least five specific job-related accomplishments. Think of a time where you saved or made your company money or where you were recognized for your success.

James G. Lenhardt, CPC, CTS, of Hire Priority Staffing & Executive Search is in his second decade of staffing and recruiting in the property management industry. His experience includes managing executive searches, staffing, and corporate consulting. James has placed hundreds of property management professionals.  He received the CTS of the Year for Texas and recently published articles on topics such as resume writing, interviewing, and hiring smart.

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