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The Future Looks Bright: Why You Should Be a Medical Assistant


The Future Looks Bright: 6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Job

Not only is Medical Assistant a popular career choice – it’s also a smart one. In our current economy, Medical Assistants are experiencing job growth almost twice as high as the average job. Especially in high-population states like Texas, Medical Assistant jobs are both plentiful and profitable.

Considering becoming a Medical Assistant? Read on for our top 6 reasons why doing so is a smart move:

 1. Job Security

As the U.S.’s population grows and ages, its demands on the healthcare system are increasing. This will translate to a greater need for medical professionals in the coming years, Medical Assistants included. With a 34% projected growth in the coming decade, Medical Assistants will experience job prospects far outranking that of most jobs.

 2. Career Advancement

If you have your sights set on a career in healthcare, becoming a Medical Assistant is a the ideal place to start. The exposure and connections you make in the field will put you on the track to success farther up the career ladder if you choose to climb. The option to specialize in a particular medical field is also available to Assistants, which can equip you with a skill set that employers are willing to pay more for.

 3. Job Satisfaction

Medical Assistants work directly with patients and doctors, providing a variety of medical services and procedures. On the job you will constantly be helping people—whether it is with necessary paperwork or conducting life-saving procedures. The rewards of becoming a Medical Assistant are immeasurable; as you both treat patients and help doctors do their best.

 4. Flexible Hours

No matter if you are looking for part-time or full-time hours, both are in demand in the Medical Assistant field. Some positions (mostly at hospitals) also require Medical Assistants at odd hours.

5. Positive Environment

As a Medical Assistant you work in physician’s offices, hospitals, and the offices of healthcare practitioners. Overall, your work in these places will be positive, people-oriented, and in an office that is kept clean and orderly.

 6. Wages

If these reasons aren’t convincing enough – the wages for Medical Assistants are good and growing. Due to the high demand for Medical Assistants, wages for the position are climbing. The average hourly rate is $14.80 per hour or $30,780 per year, with the top 10% of professionals making $41,570. With a large population, Texas is has the second highest employer of Medical Assistants in the U.S.; and large cities such as Houston and Austin experience this boom the most.

Get your Medical Assistant career started today by applying for a placement through Hire Priority at: https://hirepriority.com/job-search/

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4 Ways to Make to Most of Online Recruiting

4 Ways to Make The Most of Online Recruiting


The days of recruiting in newspapers and print ads have largely passed—today, if you aren’t recruiting online you aren’t getting the best candidates. Recruiting online successfully takes a careful strategy: you have to know where to post and what to post in order to attract talent.

1. Use Your Website

Most employers have job listings on their websites, but usually they are buried and difficult to navigate. Your website is one of the first places a job seeker will look, so maintaining up-to-date job openings and an easy way to apply is crucial.

What’s more, if a job seeker is coming to your website to apply for a position then it means that they are interested in working with you specifically—if  not, they wouldn’t have taken the time to seek you out—and having specific apartment job openings on your website is the best way to connect with candidates who are going out of their way to find you.

 2. Check Candidates out Online

Most candidates are online in one form or another, and checking out their profiles can give you some insight if you are wondering whether to call someone for an interview or make them a hiring offer. LinkedIn is probably the best place to start checking out a candidate’s credential’s– this is where they should list all of their work experience in one place.

 3. Use Social Media

The use of social media as a recruiting tool is growing, and if there are any social profiles associated with your apartment properties you should post openings there (and if you don’t have any social profiles perhaps it’s time to join!) The people who follow you online are a great recruiting resource because they are already interested in you and can be a way to spread the word about an available apartment job.

 4. Get Creative

Good recruiters know that it’s not just candidates who compete in the job search process—employers should also seek to stand out in order to attract the best talent. One way to do this is to get creative with the way you promote your open jobs: try making videos, sharing a testimonial of someone who has a similar job, etc. Don’t just list an open job—make the best candidates want to work for you.

Candidates today are looking online for jobs, which means that in order to attract applicants, recruiters have to post online; and what’s more you should make promoting jobs online stand out in order to attract the best of the best candidates.


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6 Ways to Interview with Confidence


How to Interview with Confidence

Man And Woman Waiting To Enter A Job InterviewExuding confidence is key to acing your job interview! Whether you are feeling confident or not, your interviewer will be looking for signs that you are comfortable in your own skin and can handle the pressure of a professional setting.

The good news: confidence is a tool that can be sharpened just like any other skill. Here’s how:

 1. Focus on Your Interviewer

By focusing on your interviewer you will both show them that you are paying attention and also force yourself to stay present. If you are hanging on to the words your interviewer is saying you won’t have time to let your nerves get the best of you.

 2. Posture

As humans, body language is one of the top ways we assess someone when we first meet them. To embody confidence in your posture do the following: sit up straight with your shoulders back, smile, don’t fidget, and make eye contact.

 3. Shake Hands

Shaking hands when you first meet your interviewer is a sure way to show them that you are confident. It’s hard to go wrong with a handshake—and going for it will make you stand out as polite and professional.

 4. Stay Positive

This tip includes staying positive both about yourself as well as about your work experience. Whether you have years of experience in the apartment industry, or none at all, stay positive about the skills you do have and how they can contribute to your next job.

5. Prepare

Preparation is one of the greatest keys to confidence–How can you be confident proving you should work at an apartment job when you don’t know anything about the property? Make sure you’ve got the basic facts about the property and job down before your interview.

6. Take a Breath

The apartment industry is dynamic, fast moving; but this doesn’t mean that your interview has to go a million miles a minute. If you feel your confidence lagging, slow down and take a breath. Often, when we are nervous we tend to over-talk and ramble, but pressing pause for a minute will stop this.


Even if you walk into your interview without confidence, practicing these few things will convince you and your interviewer that you’ve got it. There’s no need to over-do it or force these habits; but you will find that they will come naturally once you give them a try.



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The Top 6 Mistakes Job Seekers Make


The Top 6 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

apartment job

If your job search has screeched to a halt or if you have applied to many jobs without luck perhaps you are making some of these common mistakes:

1. Not Changing Your Resume

Employers can tell in a heartbeat if you’ve sent them the same resume/cover letter that you’ve used to apply to ten other open positions. Change your resume to fit each apartment job you apply for and employers will favor you for the effort you put into it.

 2. Not Following Instructions

Do you need to email your resume in a specific format? Does a property need extra information before they can hire you? There are many details an employer can request besides a resume, so triple-read a job listing before applying to make sure your application is complete.

 3. Not Following Up

Apartment jobs are desirable in the current economy—especially in cities like Houston and Austin where the apartment industry is booming. High desirability means high competition, and following up after submitting your resume to an employer is one way to make sure you get noticed.

 4. Not Researching an Employer 

Employers will be researching you; but you should also research them before you apply for a job. How will you know if you’d like to work for a property if you know nothing about it? Looking up an employer can save you time later on by seeing if they are a good match or not.

 5. Not Preparing for Your Interview

It’s nearly impossible to walk into an interview and ace it without preparation. Prepare before hand: know your answers to common questions, know what questions to ask, and dress your best.

 6. Not Using Your Resources

Another mistake job seekers make is not using the resources available to them or assuming they have no resources. For one, your social network could be a place to find out about job openings if you ask around. Secondly, if you are having trouble finding a job a staffing company can be a great resource, matching you up with a job in your field.


Lastly, don’t make the mistake that many job seekers make—don’t give up! Don’t settle for a job that’s not right. By not making these mistakes and using your resources you can find a job that’s right for you.

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Recruiting 101: Reading Between a Resume’s Lines


Recruiting 101: Reading Between a Resume’s Lines

apartment job resume recruiting

Have you ever wanted to hire someone from the first glance at his or her resume? Sometimes a well-crafted resume is a huge relief during a drawn-out hiring process. But how do you know if a person will hold up to the promise of a good resume? Here’s 3 questions to consider: 

 1. How do they describe previous jobs?

Perhaps the area where you can get the most insight into a candidate is in how they describe his or her previous jobs. A resume isn’t complete without listing the most important responsibilities at previous position (and if this is missing it should be a red flag!). More specifically, descriptions of previous jobs should prove that a candidate made a significant contribution to the company and performed skills relevant to an apartment job.


2. How has their career progressed?

A resume may be perfectly formatted with a long list of skills; however, if a candidate has not demonstrated progress within their career—movement up the career ladder—then you may need to reconsider. A pattern of stagnant professional growth in the past could (and most likely would) continue if you hire a candidate like this.

For example, if a candidate has spent many years in leasing is there a reason that they never moved up to a management position? On the other hand, if only high-level positions on a resume are listed you should be curious how they got there. Applicants may have great reasons for a lack of natural progression on his or her resume; but if they haven’t shown growth in their career then it would be a good idea to ask why.


 3. How is their resume formatted?

The typical resume follows a template listing education first, or if not then the candidates most recent job. Some applicants may also include an ‘Objective’ or ‘Career Summary’ section first. While there are many ways to write a resume, applicants with an unclear, distracting, or completely unconventional resume should be examined closer.

Standard resume formatting works well for a reason—employers know what to expect and where to find certain information. Dates of employment, job titles, and listing a city (Houston, Austin, etc.) or address should be clear at first glance. If a resume is unorganized then it could be foresight into an applicant’s work habits.   


Good-looking resumes can be persuasive, but if you read between the lined you may discover that a candidate who looks perfect at first glance isn’t right for the job at all. Consider these 3 questions before hiring, and ask about a resume’s details during the interview process.

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