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5 Things to Know before Your Interview

5 Things to Know before Your Job Interview

There are many aspects to preparing for a job interview, from deciding what to wear to knowing how to get there. But there are 5 non-negotiable items that every candidate must know before they walk into a job interview, and these are:

1.)  About Your Future Employer

Before you shake the hand of someone who could end up as your future boss, you should have done your background research on the company. A Google search is usually sufficient—your potential employer will most likely only expect you to know information about them that is common knowledge. Comprehensive knowledge of the company you are interviewing with will prevent you from getting in an awkward situation in which you as an obvious, wrong, or embarrassing question.

2.)  How to Describe Your Work Experience

One of the topics that is going to arise in every job interview is your past work experience. You should not only be able to give a pitch of the highlights of your previous employment; but you should be able to do it in such a way that your interviewer is convinced of your qualifications for the job. Additionally, leave out an irrelevant experience—the purpose of the interview is to see if you and the company are a good fit, and this should be kept in mind in each of your answers.

3.)  Your Own Resume

This may seem like a straightforward step; however, some time should be spent assuring you know your resume backwards and forwards before walking into an interview. If you were to be unsure of or list information that is inconsistent with what is on your resume it could cause major doubts in the mind of your interviewer.

4.)  About the Job You Are Interviewing for

Similar to familiarizing yourself with the company you are interviewing with, you should also find out what you can about the job you are interviewing for. This research will prevent you from asking questions you should already know the answer to or applying for a position you are unqualified for.

5.)  Questions for Your Interviewer

Asking your interviewer questions in return demonstrates that you are interested in the position and knowledgeable about the job you are applying for. Thinking of a handful of possible questions to ask can keep you from getting stumped when it is your turn to ask in the interview.

Sometimes nerves can kick in during an interview, leaving us performing at less than our best; but with preparation and taking care of these 5 items you can prevent having moments of panic and impress your interviewer.


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5 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Interviewer 

An interview isn’t over when the interviewer stops asking questions—the questions you ask of them are equally important in the hiring process. The questions you ask are another step in figuring out if you are the best fit for the position you are interviewing for. And when asked correctly, the questions you ask can also impress your interviewer, getting you one step closer to landing the job. Avoid general questions in your interview—basic questions about the company should have already been answered in your preparatory research.

1.)  What kinds of challenges will someone with this job run into?

Asking this question shows that you are interested in succeeding at your job and will give you an idea of what obstacles you could face. The challenges your interviewer responds with should be seriously taken into account as to whether you feel comfortable in the position.

2.)  What is your company culture like?

Gaining insight on the company’s culture can be a major indicator if potential employer and employee will be a good match. While you can gather a sense of company’s culture through online research, hearing it explained by your future employer is the best way to understand it.

3.)  What has turnover in the job been?

Asking about turnover can give you an idea of how much you will end up liking your position—for example, high turnover could be an indicator of unfavorable management or expectations on the position.

4.)  What are the typical career goals for someone with this job?

Before you walk into your interview you should have a clear picture of your own career goals—and checking if these align with the position you are interviewing for is crucial. If most people in the position end up in a job or field that you aren’t aspiring to, the job may not be a good fit.

5.)  When do you think you will reach a decision?

Don’t ask your interviewer if you’ve been hired at the end of your interview; rather, ask when the next step will be in the decision process. This question can also affirm your interest in the position, showing that you are eager to be hired.

These as well as many similar questions can be posed at the end of the interview. Keep in mind that each question you ask should be well informed and genuine, with the goal that both interviewer and interviewee are looking for the right match for the position.

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