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Hiring the Right Person for Your Property


6 Ways to Hire the Right Person for Your Property


According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. In particular, these bad hiring decisions stem from flawed hiring practices. Hiring the right person takes more than just posting a catchy job ad or skimming resumes; it is a system that must be constantly evolving and improving to match the needs if your property.

Here’s how:

1.    Know Exactly What You Are Looking For

Picture your ideal candidate—and then think about what characteristics they have. Whether you stick closely to a checklist or have more broad requirements, knowing exactly what you are looking for ahead of time will save lost time and energy down the road.

2.    Take a Close Look at Credentials

How many years has a candidate worked in the industry? Do they have any formal training? Resume’s can be polished to look professional; but don’t be fooled by someone who doesn’t have enough relevant experience.

3.    Have a Standardized Hiring Process

From the time you post a job opening to a hire’s first few weeks you should have a set process for each step of the way. This standardized set up should most likely include application procedures, interview questions, and a timeline.

4.    Use Your Team for Referrals

If you have employees on your property that are already thriving, chances are they will have a good sense of who would likewise be successful at your property. Asking around your current staff for new employee referrals could lead you to a gold mine with relatively little hassle.

5.    Continue to Train Once Hired

The hiring process doesn’t end on an employee’s first day; rather, it should continue on as a new hire is trained and integrated into your apartment property. Very few people will thrive in a new work environment without clear instruction and support.

6.    “Test Drive” Candidates – Use a Staffing Company

Someone may look great on paper—they may even act their interview—but how do you know if they will fit with your property’s culture? One way is to have candidates work a couple of days onsite to see if they are a good fit! A staffing company is a cost-efficient way to do this, as they will already have a pool of skilled candidates to match with your property.


Don’t settle during your hiring process—keep searching until you find the missing piece of your team. Hiring top talent equals making top profits, and saving the hassle of having to hire again in a few months.

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7 Most Common Hiring Mistakes


staffing company

In a competitive job market, like that of the apartment industry in Houston and Austin, hiring managers often go into the hiring process expecting it to be a breeze—only to run into challenge after challenge. All too frequently they are making some of these common mistakes that, once fixed, could them save bundles of time, money, and energy in the hiring process.


1.)            Deciding Too Quickly

Finding the right person for your property is worth taking time for. If you rush the decision making process you are more likely to try and make the wrong candidate fit with an apartment job, exaggerating their qualifications or overlooking their flaws.


2.)            Overlooking Past Work Patterns

Has a candidate hopped around to different properties? Has their career path shown upward growth? Past behavior is a good indicator of future performance; and as such you should not overlook work patterns on a candidate’s resume.


3.)            Not Hiring with the Property’s Culture

A candidate you choose to hire should not only have the right skills set, but should blend well with your property’s culture. Competition among properties is too steep to choose a candidate who doesn’t gel with your property’s current employees and tenants.


4.)            Hiring Yourself

Your property should be composed of an efficient team, which means having employees that balance one another out. If you repeatedly hire candidates who remind you of yourself or have the same qualifications as you then you will not have the diversity needed to grow your property successfully.


5.)            Not Looking Beyond the Resume

A candidate may look ideal for an apartment job on paper, but if they don’t have the right personality when you meet in-person then they probably aren’t right for the job. Beyond a convincing resume, the person you choose to hire must also have the right communication and people-skills to excel at your multifamily property.


6.)            Talking too Much in the Interview

The point of holding an interview is to see if a candidate is the best fit for a position—not just to tell them about the job. This means that the candidate should talk enough to get to know them beyond simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.


7.)            Not Following through with Training

One of the most serious mistakes a hiring manager can make is to leave a new hire to fend for themselves once on the job without clear communication of expectations or training. Very few people can thrive at a new job with no training, instruction, or support.


The cost of making a bad hire is high. Choosing the wrong person now could set you up for starting over looking for a new candidate in a few months when it doesn’t work out with your new hire. Avoid the cost and stress of making these common mistakes in your hiring process and instead start on the path to finding a new team member who will benefit your property.

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Top 2014 Hiring Tips

Top Hiring Tips for the Apartment Industry in 2014

Just as the apartment industry evolves year-to-year, so does the hiring process for apartment jobs. With steep competition in the market for open positions, hiring managers are faced with the challenge of recruiting from a large and varied pool of applicants.

Here’s this years top tips for a more successful and streamlined hiring process.

1. Be Clear About Your Expectations

One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong kind of job applicants is to create a job listing that is ambiguous or unclear. Specifying the positions requirements and what it will consist of can help weed out applicants. Likewise, during the interview process be sure to be upfront about the demands of the position to avoid confusion later on.

 2. Have a List of Questions for Interviews

For each interview you conduct you should do your homework on the applicant, taking time to review and assess his or her resume. Additionally, having a list of questions to use for each interview will ensure you are prepared and also consistent in your interviewing process. In the apartment industry these can cover anything from specific skills to how an applicant would respond in a challenging situation. Of course you can go beyond these pre-determined questions, but they will provide a helpful jumping off point.

3. Ask About Applicants Past Performance

Included in that list of interview questions to ask should be at least one that addresses a candidates’ work history. Past performance is one of the best indicators of future performance; so don’t neglect delving into questions about previous positions. Questions covering a candidate’s previous professional challenges at an apartment job, accomplishments, or why they left a position fall into this category.

 4. Don’t Overlook the Small Things

The wealth of resources available on the Internet for interviewees is plentiful, with the result that applicants often come to interviews with standard, unoriginal answers to questions. In a market as competitive as the apartment industry, small details can set one candidate apart from another. If a candidate is late, disheveled, or has other indicators of unprofessionalism it could be a strong indicator of behaviors that will continue on the job.

5. Try out a Candidate Before Hiring

More and more employers are ‘test-driving’ employees before they make the commitment to hire. Especially with apartment jobs, having a candidate come work for a few days or weeks can serve as a good prediction if they will fit with your team and property. Hiring the wrong person for a job costs time and money, but by taking a potential employee on for a short time you can reduce the risk of making a bad hire.


The hiring process can eat up a property’s time and money, but with these tips you can begin to simplify the process so that it is stress-free and effective for 2014.

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