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Looking For a New Job in the Apartment Industry? Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes!

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The dreaded job search. Many will agree that looking for a job is a job in itself, however there are ways to make the process easier. Making mistakes while conducting a job search in the apartment industry can ruin your chances of finding the position you are looking for. Below we have listed out seven common, yet avoidable, missteps job searchers often make.

#1 Lack of Focus

Unless you are a rocket scientist, or something else hyper-focused, you may know that you are qualified for a diverse range of job openings. A marketing guru could be an effective administrative assistant or a rock-star leasing specialist in the apartment industry. However, when conducting a job search, it is vital to pick a specific position you are searching for. Spreading yourself, and your resume, too thin will result in you getting lost in the crowd of fellow job searchers.

#2 Poor Resume

Many job hunters know the resume is the foundation of their efforts in landing their next position. Sadly, the resume can also be the first roadblock standing in their way to getting the job they want. The savvy job searcher tailors their resume to EACH job they are applying for, such as a leasing specialist or property manager, and makes sure there are absolutely no typos or inconsistencies in job history.

#3 Knowing the Numbers Game

You could have all your “career” ducks in a row and still hit a wall when looking for your next job if you are only applying for a handful of positions a week. The sheer number of people out there looking for employment is staggering. Keep this in mind when you are conducting your search to not get discouraged if you don’t get responses as often as you send in your resume. Keep applying to as many relevant jobs as you can find and be consistent about it.

#4 Having a Clear Vision

Just like most things in life, you need a plan when conducting a job search. Before you begin your quest for the perfect position, take out a sheet of paper and write down what your ideal property management company’s culture is like. Where are they located? How many residents do they have? What do you wear to work? Any detail you can think of will be helpful. Using this “dream company” as your guide will help you greatly when you are applying for hundreds of open positions over the length of your job search. Keep your vision for yourself clear and it will lead you straight to your desired job.

#5 Lazy Networking

The effective and successful job searcher is an outstanding networker. You should be attending networking events, such as your local apartment association, on the regular when you are in the job search trenches. Linked In and career specific online communities are also great for keeping your ear to the ground for opportunities. The best positions are often not posted on websites and Craig’s List. Make sure you are exposed to as many channels as possible to find your envisioned job.

#6 Knowing Your Worth

Surprisingly, many job searchers do not take the time to research what the average salary and benefits packages are for their desired position before embarking on a job search. Many bad jobs will post a salary way below the average, which is a big red flag when you are considering putting time and effort into applying. You can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( to see what the national average is. Also research what your local average is too.

#7 Job Hunting Alone

If you wanted to remodel your house, you would probably hire a contractor to help. The same goes for the job search. There are professional apartment industry recruiting companies out there that make it their business to help job searchers find the best positions out there. Many large management companies hire these staffing firms to pre-screen candidates for their human resource departments.

The job search doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. Make sure you are as organized in your search as you would be in the job you hope to find! Happy hunting!

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Success Story: Sandy


Sandy’s success story is one of the best examples of hard work and skill paying off. For the past 33 years Sandy has moved up her career ladder with jobs in leasing, real estate and property management.

There are several common threads through these jobs: working with people, sales, and a fast-paced environment. These are all aspects that Sandy enjoys and excels at. Getting burned out in one area of sales is not a problem, as she can switch from doing real estate to leasing, or back again.

Sandy recently got back into the field of leasing when she started looking for an apartment job in Austin. After a recommendation from a friend, she called Hire Priority, who lined up several assignments for her.

After a short two months of trying out different properties, Sandy had found the “right position and the right company” that she wanted to work for. “It was a good fit right from the get-go,” she says.

Today, Sandy loves her apartment job, which allows her to continue with her passion for sales and people. Young, old, experienced, inexperienced—Sandy’s favorite part about her job is working with a variety of people that she adores.

With so much experience in the industry, Sandy’s skills are highly valued at her new position. Her ability to do sales, real estate, and leasing, along with her hard work, have driven her career to where she is now. “I am very pleased with the way things have turned out,” says Sandy.


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My Story: Herman

Austin apartmetn job

Three years ago Herman was job hunting with no success. He was looking online and applying to jobs but had an impossible time finding work. When an ad popped up in a Google search offering $10-12 per hour for Groundskeeping work, Herman hopefully applied and ended up in the Hire Priority office the next day for an interview.

Herman’s job search was finally at an end—the very next day after he came into the Hire Priority office he was out working at a property as a Porter. What began as temping for different apartment properties in Austin turned into greater and greater opportunities to move up the apartment job ladder for Herman.

From Porter work, Herman quickly accelerated his career, becoming a Make Ready and now Assistant Maintenance supervisor. “Hire Priority changed my whole life,” Herman says. “I don’t know what I would have done without them.” Over the course of three years Herman worked various temp and long-term positions around Austin, each time coming to Hire Priority for a job placement.

Today, Herman’s job search days are long gone and he has a job that he enjoys and feels challenged by every day. In the future, Herman sees himself opening up his own HVAC company, a dream that his maintenance career has prepared him well for.

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My Story: Kristin

apartment job success story

Kristin Dumas, now a leasing consultant at The Meritage at Steiner Ranch in Austin, has a career that’s been on the rise and a bright future. What makes her so successful? She’s had a rising career in the apartment industry and a knack for sales, which holds a lot of promise for her in the future.

Since her first taste of apartment leasing years ago, Kristin has been drawn in and out of the industry. She got her break into an apartment job when she was encouraged to apply for a position at the apartment community where she lived. The woman who encouraged her to apply would end up becoming her mentor, and her leasing job would turn into her career.

After a brief break from the apartment industry, Kristin turned back to leasing through Hire Priority, while she was in school and looking for a part-time position. She went in and out of work as she needed it, and later applied for a permanent apartment job when the time was right.

Sales have always come easy to Kristin, and this is what helped her to walk on properties easily. ‘You can feel good about it at the end of the day,’ she says of helping to find people places to live. With all of the experience she has acquired, Kristin now works at a bustling, 500+ unit property in Austin. Kristin’s dedication and ability to thrive in this fast-paced environment have set her up for success as well as a promising future in the apartment industry.


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