Regional Property Manager

Job Description: Responsibilities of the Regional Property Manager will be to organization financially and operational for an assigned number of properties ranging from 4-10 depending on the market size and complexity.  The manager will direct and provide assistance for all aspects of the properties to ensure that they meet the objectives agreed upon by the company/owner/managers involved. Comprehensive programs, initiatives and strategies are involved in reaching the desired outcomes sucessfully.  The Regional Property Manager will manage two or more senior property managers or managers who supervise on-site personnel.  It will be required to provide management and provide withing the company policy and any applicable laws.  Duties also include any other needs decided upon by owner or company management to provide the properties with a well organized and efficient managing staff member.

Requirements: Must have previous apartment regional management or multi-site experience.  All candidates must have experience in the apartment industry.
Compensation: 60k-120k, salary will vary depending on experience. Bonuses are based typcially on net operating income (NOI).
Title and Location: Apartment Regional Property Manager Austin & Apartment Regional Property Manager Houston, Apartment Regional Manager San Antonio, Apartment Regional Manager Dallas, Apartment Regional Manager Denver, Apartment Regional Manager Florida area, Apartment Regional Manager North Carolina area, Apartment Regional Manager Texas area, Apartment Regional Manager Washington D.C.

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