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Compete for Jobs Against more Experienced Candidates

How To Compete for Jobs Against More Experienced Apartment Industry Candidates

Chances are, in the search for your ideal job you will come up against more qualified candidates. Perhaps they have greater experience, specialized skills, or impressive professional accomplishments on their resumes. So how do you compete with someone who, on paper, appears more qualified for a job?

The key is to offer employers something in addition to your own experience and resume points. While credentials are important, they are not the only determining factor in the hiring process. For example, interviewing with an apartment manager or hiring authority presents an opportunity to demonstrate qualifications beyond bullet points on your resume. While you may not be a seasoned veteran of the apartment industry, you can offer a fresh perspective and a willingness to adapt to a new environment. Or, where  your property management experience may be lacking, you are a candidate who can be molded to fit the management company. Combined with a passion for the position you are interviewing for, these advantages can contribute compensation for a lack of experience.

Interviews are crucial; however, competition for jobs begins much earlier with searching and networking. In a pool of stronger candidates, taking advantage of networking opportunities can lead to apartment job opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Successful networking combined with a strong interview that emphasizes your strengths, in particular those that may not be immediately evident from your resume, will give you a competitive edge against more experienced apartment industry contenders.

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Finding Apartment Industry Talent When Talent is Scarce

3 Tricks to Finding Apartment Industry Talent When Talent is Scarce

Perhaps you have exhausted your resources, investigated your networks, and interviewed a surplus of candidates for your open apartment regional manager position—and have yet to discover talent that will prove invaluable to your company. Rather than saturating the ranks of the unemployed, talented employees are most likely already employed for their sought-after status. So how do you find talent when it is scarce?

 1.)  Expand Your Search.

When you’ve already expended your usual hiring networks without luck, it is time to expand the reach of your search. One means by which this can be accomplished is through social media outlets. Social media pages are an ideal way to communicate what your apartment management company is about as well as advertise job openings. These pages offer an inexpensive means of ‘branding’ your company so that it appeals to your target job candidates and increases your company’s reach.

2.)  Hire Continually Rather than Coincidentally.

This concept is best demonstrated with a sports analogy: if you are the manager of a baseball team and one of your players quits unexpectedly your inclination is to hire the best possible player to fill that space. However, the superstar player you would like to have on your team is most likely already playing for another; and therefore you are forced to contract an unemployed lower-skilled player. The same holds true for hiring. Instead of seeking potential apartment industry employees due to the coincidence that there is an open position within your property management company, seek to continually be on the lookout for talent. Social networking is the most effective way to go about doing this, by seeking to establish connections and relationships in order to hire talent either immediately or when a position opens that interests them.

3.)  Think Outside the Box.

While talented employees look great on paper, they also have a spark that makes them successful—they are passionate about their work, innovative, and driven. Finding talent in a competitive market is about more than locating skilled applicants—as an hiring authority for an apartment management company you must also be able to recognize them. Sometimes the employees that turn out to be invaluable are those that, while they may be lacking a bullet point on their resumes, have a real passion for the company. And on the other hand, those who have impressive experience but the wrong attitude can turn out to be a mistake. Throughout the hiring process a mindset of thinking outside the box, and not limiting candidates to their appearance on paper, can lead to a talent goldmine.

Making these adjustments in your property management company’s hiring process and it’s approach to finding talent can lead to big payoffs—as talented employees can prove invaluable in the innovation, customers, and revenue they bring in.

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