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Innovative Ways Working Parents are Tackling Virtual Learning

In the 5 months since COVID disrupted our lives, virtual learning has gone from something we were frantically trying to pull together to the new normal in our children’s education. However no matter how used to the situation parents and students are now, it does nothing to alleviate the stress and frustration virtual learning causes in the home. After all, most of us were not trained as teachers and didn’t plan on taking on a second profession. Not to mention jobs in areas such as Multifamily Housing that can’t afford for their employees to work from home.

Fortunately, there are some ways to make homeschooling a bit easier. Below we discuss 3 ways working parents are tackling virtual learning.

1. Schedule Your Work Calls during Their Most Engaged Time

Assuming you are working from home, you will have to take Zoom and phone calls that require your full attention for your job. Inevitably during this important time your child, or children, will need something from you and this simple scenario could reap a big amount of stress. One way to help avoid this common situation is to schedule your calls during their most engaging school time. Perhaps this is when they are doing an art project if they are younger, or when they are in a live-streamed virtual classroom if they are older. It may not be clear initially when they will be most engaged, however after a month of instruction you will begin to see patterns of when the best time to schedule your work calls are. While you are going through this learning phase, let your supervisor or clients know what is going on so they can support you with flexibility during this impermanent time.

2. Plan on Doing Weekend Work Time 

This tip isnt going to be the most popular one with working parents, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Saturday and Sunday may become the only two days a week where you can schedule some undivided attention for your job because your child will not have to ask you for help with their classwork. You would be surprised what 1 or 2 hours of uninterrupted time can accomplish for you in terms of work done. This means that you may be able to knock out a lot of activities on the weekends so you can destress your Monday-Friday daily routine.

3. Engage Your Community with a “Learning Pod”

We decided to end on a high note, especially after tip #2. The “Learning Pod” may be the absolute best life hack for virtual learning, especially if you work in a field that does not enable you to work from home such as the Multifamily Housing Industry.

The learning pod concept can be molded to fit almost any age group of kids ranging from two to eighteen years old.

Essentially you connect with 2-5 of your children’s virtual classmates that live in your area and create a “pod”. You would coordinate with the parents of those students to host the pod on certain days of the week. For example, if you are able to link up 5 students together you would only have to host your child’s pod 1 day a week and they would be out of the house the other days of the week at the other parent’s homes. You would drive them to the home and pick them up just like if they were attending school in-person.

In addition to freeing the parents to work, these groups will help hold each other accountable for classwork given by the school, handing in homework assignments, and completing assessments, as well as possible additional help as needed (including enrichment through a book club, science experiments, executive functioning games, chess, etc.).

The group may hire an educator (ranging anywhere from roughly $10 – $50 per hour, per child) or work independently if the students are older.

Of course, any group meeting in person should exercise diligence and caution to limit exposure to infection, including at least daily temperature checks, 6-foot distancing wherever possible, mask wearing, and frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing.

While all of these tips are helpful in navigating the new educational system we are all facing there is one tip that reigns supreme, which is self-forgiveness and understanding. No one is expecting virtual learning to be held to the same standard as in-person class. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed, or you see your child getting overwhelmed and stressed, make sure to stop and take a moment to forgive yourself for falling short and to congratulate yourself and your child for navigating a historic time in the world. Just by showing up for virtual learning and working from home you are already achieving something not many humans have had to accomplish.

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4 Resumes Tips from a Multifamily Recruiter

4 Resumes Tips from a Multifamily Recruiter

The Multifamily Housing Industry is booming and properties are looking to hire excited leasing agents and motivated maintenance professionals. If you find yourself getting ready to submit your resume to a prospective employer, make sure you utilize our top resume tips! Below we explore four great resume moves according to Multifamily Housing Recruiters!

1. Only Include Relevant Work Experience

While it may be tempting to include every job you have ever had on your resume, it’s smarter to just tailor your qualifications to the job you are applying for. This includes putting the relevant skills for each past job that would apply to the new job you are wanting to obtain. For example, if you are gunning for that Leasing Consultant position at the new high-rise property you will want to put all sales-related jobs you have had in the past. 

2. Put Your Best Experience up Top

Everyone knows that most resumes are supposed to have their work history in chronological order. While this may be true, it would also be beneficial to have your best past experience, relevant to the job you are seeking, at the top of the list. This especially refers to any certifications you had to have during a past job such as certain maintenance positions would require. Hiring managers are looking through tons of applications and you want to be sure they see the main reason you are the person for the job. 

3. Have an Online Supplement

Keeping your resume to one sheet, which is best, can be difficult. For this reason, having a personal website could be a great way to make sure all your super impressive information is available for someone to further explore if they are interested in hiring you. Not to mention that having a personal website is a wonderful way to showcase your ability to work with technology. Also in terms of the Multifamily Housing industry, linking to the websites of the past properties you worked for would give the hiring manager a better understanding of your past work experience in terms of environment.

4. Leave Out Graduation Dates

This tip is a little controversial because “Ageism” is not allowed in the hiring process. However let’s be realistic, when there are hundreds of applicants for one position a hiring manager may choose from the younger candidates because of unconscious bias or the other way around. Because of this human error, it is best not to include your graduation dates with your education experience. Obviously if asked you are to be honest, however at that point the hiring manager is aware of you and taking you seriously as a candidate. 

There you have it! If you would like to see more open positions in the Multifamily Housing Industry please reach out to the top recruiters at Hire Priority by visiting their website HERE.

Good luck in your job search!

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Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

The dreaded second wave of the pandemic is upon us which means that doing things virtually is becoming the new normal. For the job seeker, this means that virtual interviews via popular video conferencing apps like Zoom are not disappearing any time soon. Virtual interviews may seem like an easier way of landing a position on the surface, but they can present hidden problems that could get in the way of your next dream job. Read on below as we discuss the best tips for acing your next virtual interview!

Make Sure Everything is Working on Your End

There is nothing more frustrating than technical issues when you are trying to put your best self forward. While sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to prevent a loss of connection or audio, you can be sure to do everything you can to ensure a smooth interview over the internet.

One hour before your interview, call a friend or family member over the application that you will be using to do the interview. Make sure that your video and audio are working correctly. By giving yourself an hour before the interview time you ensure that you can have ample time to fix any problems that come up in your test call.

Pay Attention To Your Background

It’s the little things that may get you the job and one of those little things may be what’s behind you during your interview. Be sure to be sitting in front of a clean and organized area. You may want to take it a step further and get a white sheet backdrop with a houseplant or something else aesthetically pleasing. Your interviewer will be seeing a lot of candidates over video conferencing and will remember the ones that were visually appealing, this also includes what you are wearing!

Close All Windows and Messages

Just like you would silence your phone before sitting down at a real-life interview, you need to be sure you close all internet browser windows and tabs that are not directly related to the interview. Also be sure to mute all messaging apps you have open. Just one moment of distraction during the interview could lose you the job.

Eye Contact

One of the biggest drawbacks of virtual interviews is the lack of human interaction in real life. Little things like a hand shake or body language are sorely missed when hiring candidates. Eye contact is very important and it is something that can be maintained with a virtual interviewer by looking directly into your camera instead of looking at your screen. This may feel awkward at first so it’s important to practice this with a friend or family member beforehand. It’s a little trick that can make a big difference!

While the economy is still struggling, there are many industries that are still booming. Don’t put your job search on hold just because you have to stay home!

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5 Job Search Tips for the Multifamily Industry

5 Job Search Tips for the Multifamily Industry

It’s a great time to be in the multifamily housing industry with rentals continuing to soar alongside new properties being built throughout 2020 and beyond. If you find yourself looking for a job in this ever expanding work sector you can read on to see our top 5 job search tops for the Multifamily industry!

1.  Complete Your Linked In Profile

LinkedIn is still the go-to social media for professionals and also provides great tips and tools for completing your profile. Even if you are not applying for executive-level positions you can still benefit from being on this networking platform. Completing your profile is an extension of your resume and is quick and free.  Top tips for succeeding on LinkedIn include making sure your profile picture is professional-looking, writing a quick bio that has been checked for errors, and also follow companies you are applying for.

2. Check out Recruitment Agencies

Multifamily Professional recruitment agencies, such as Hire Priority, are great places to look for amazing opportunities in the industry. These entities have developed trusted relationships with successful properties and often have upper management opportunities to offer candidates in addition to entry-level positions.

3. Go Old School

If you want to work in a certain area, it may be beneficial to drive around and take note of the properties you might be interested in working for. Seeing a property in person can not only give you a better understanding of the work environment, but also shows the hiring manager your initiative when you mention the fact  you selected their property as a potential workplace after seeing it in person.

4. Apartment Associations

Apartment Associations are a great way to get in touch with the professionals in your city to network your way into your next career. The associations hold events and even job fairs that you can take part in. Some are also willing to give you job leads if they know a certain property may be looking. If you are looking to move to a different city, that city’s apartment association is a great place to start to get to know the industry in that area.

5. Get Certified

Certifications are great additions to your resume, especially if you are looking to enter the maintenance field of the multifamily housing industry. Apartment Associations are also great places to look for certification programs. Check out the National Apartment Association for many great resources to get certified. 

Now is a great time to gain a position in the ever-growing Multifamily Housing Industry. To get started today please reach out to Hire Priority by submitting your resume on our website HERE.

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Top 5 Ways to Get Hired Quickly in 2020

We can all agree that 2020 has been a monumental year for many reasons, however no matter what has happened people still need to find work. While hiring may look a little different this year, it should not stop a driven candidate from finding their next big career opportunity. Below we have listed out the Top 5 Ways to Get Hired Quickly in 2020. 

1. Job Specific Resume

One of the best ways to get hired quickly is to tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. This includes looking at the qualifications for the job and including references to these in your skills section on your resume. For example iif a Leasing Consultant position you are applying for asks for sales experience, you should include all relevant sales skills you possess on your resume. You can also include a cover letter that details how you would sell the apartment units to prospective residents. Tailoring your resume can be time consuming, but the payoff of getting hired quickly is certainly worth it.

2. Prepare Your References

A good and effective hiring manager will always check references. Many candidates don’t check in with their references before including them on their resumes, often just putting the names of their old bosses. This results in the hiring manager calling for people that don’t work in those positions anymore. Even worse, if a reference isn’t prepared to get a call about you they can be annoyed and come across as not favorable to you. Make sure you call and discuss your job search with all references you include on your resume. 

3. Look for Jobs in Flourishing Industries

The pandemic has brought some industries to their knees and knowing which industries are thriving and which are laying people off is essential in your job search. You don’t want to waste your time going after positions in the hospitality industry at this time for example. You would want to concentrate on an industry that is doing well, such as Multifamily Housing, so you are applying for active positions. Don’t worry about having work history in that industry, just be sure to be ready to explain how your skill set transfers to the specific position open.

4. Practice Doing Virtual Interviews

2020 is the year of virtual interviews! This is great news for job seekers because you can interview from the comfort of your own home. However, there can be a pitfall here. You will want to practice interviewing with your friends and family so you can be sure to come across as professional in your home environment. Things such as your background, background noise, dress, and video quality can all influence a hiring decision.

5. Be Flexible

Since some companies are creating new protocols and new positions to deal with the new way of doing business in 2020 they will be looking for new hires that can roll with the punches. Be sure to go into a new position with a “can-do” attitude and be sure to add value to a company in these uncertain times.

With these 5 aspects you can be sure to be working in your new position quickly! Good luck on your job search!

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